Fruit Cakes

Fruitcakes are the traditional celebration cake for wedding cakes, birthday cakes and, of course, christmas cakes

About fruit cake


The traditional New Zealand fruitcake was brought here from England and to this day we make a recognisable English fruitcake. Our fruitcake is much softer and richer than the German Stollen which comes ultimately from the same origins. The ancestry of the fruitcake can be traced back to Roman days and the term was first used in the middle ages after chopped fruit and honey were added to the older recipes.


The fruitcake consists of morsels of dried or candied fruit, chopped small and mixed with flour and sugar. When the cake is to be stored for a long time it is soaked in spirits, in any case the fruit is often soaked in spirit before baking, especially for the Christmas cake.

Auckland based gourmet baker, Tessa Clement of Sweet Expectations has kindly given us this fruit Christmas cake recipe.

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